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    FileMaker Server 13 with OS X Server


      With DevCon coming up and me not able to attend this year I thought I would put this out there for discussion:


      Running FileMaker Server 13 is no longer supported on OS X Server and would not be Best Practices even if you could.

      But sometimes clients only have one box and -after much experimenting- it turns out that it can be done.


      I have finally completed a brief tutorial on using reverse proxy to enhance the Server.app 3 GUI and make it possible to install and run FileMaker Server 13, Kerio Connect 8.3, and Maxum Rumpus 8 all on the same server without interfering with OS X Server.app 3’s services like Web, Wiki, Profile Manager –and even VPN.
      The brief tutorial is illustrated with some screen shots comes with example files that can be customized.


      The new tutorial is available in the new Tutorials section on the RAIS page:





      Alex Narvey
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          With FileMaker Server 13.05 now qualified to work on Yosemite I have updated my tutorial (version 1.03 December 30, 2014) to show how to run FileMaker Server on a Mac with Maverick's Server.app 3 or Yosemite's Server.app 4 installed.


          I know it is NOT best practices to run FileMaker Server on the same machine as OS X server but necessity being the mother of invention I have created a tutorial to show how to utilize FileMaker Server 13.05 on a Mac with Yosemite's Server.app 4 using the Advanced web app features in the Server.app GUI. In fact, the tutorial also shows to run Kerio Connect and Maxum's Rumpus on the same machine.


          In this way you can use FileMaker Server along with Profile Manager, Wiki and Web Services and the config will survive OS X Server 10.9.x 10.10.x upgrades because it is using the Server.app 3 or 4's extensible Web App capabilities.


          The tutorial called "Server_App_Reverse_Proxy" can be found in the Tutorials section at the RAIS page:  http://rais.precursor.ca