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    Enter keys




      I am used to work on Windows computers, and remember that on Mac computers the Enter key on the numeric keypad does not work the same as the other Enter key - this has always been a mystery to me.


      Now in FileMaker 12 I noticed that on a Wndows computer, the tho Enter do not work the same way .


      Can someone please explain what's the difference the two so I sleep better .



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          1. The "Enter" key on the alpha side is actually the "Return" key. Because it was originally intended to insert a line break. It would return the carriage to the home position on the next line.

          2. The actual "Enter" key, the one on the num pad ( or often a keystroke like shift-Return, or ctrl-Return ), was intended to move to the next field for data entry. Thus the "Enter" reference.


          Obviously, things are much different in computing now.


          You can alter the default behaviour slightly, but the default is as follows ( this assumes I remember correctly, since I have a default template file that I always start with ):

          Return key - enters a new line in the text field, or you can set it to go to the next field.

          Enter key - commits the record. Or, I believe, you can set it to go to the next field.

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            What Josh said, plus you can configure it for specific field instances using the Data inspector—see go to next object options in the screenshot.


            Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 9.41.35 am.png

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              thanks to both of you.


              Effectively Joshua you are right in describing the difference between the alpha Enter key and the num pad Enter. Looking closer to a Mac keyboard, the keys are properly labeled: Return for the one on the alpha section Enter for the other one.


              On Windows keyboard, both keys are labelled Enter. I guess FileMaker choose to have the software to work the exactly the same way on both platforms.


              keywords: I just noticed from you printscreen that Go to next object using have both the Return and Enter.