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Trouble with Duplicates

Question asked by techxp on Jul 22, 2014
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Good Day everyone,


today I have something a bit more complex i need help with.


For about a week now I have been find a way to solve the following Dilema.


Our Calculation Database uses a Calculation Field to produce a three letter Token.

This Token is later used to produce a full Tour Number which is then used in various other Databases.


Unfortunatley this Token uses the first three Letters of the Tour Name and it occours commonly that we have Individual Tourss that have the same three first letters.


Is there a way for me to find duplicate values and asign, for example the first two and the fourth letter of the Tour Name.

I've read something along the Lines of using a Self-Joining Relationship for this and it sounds right, unfortunatly I do not know how this should be set up to work correctly.


Thanks in Advance for any help renderd.


Kind Regards

Michael Mayrhofer


Using FM 13 Advance on Mac OSX 10.9.2