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barcode scanner and filemaker 12 and OS X 10.9 causes lockups

Question asked by s on Jul 22, 2014
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FMP 12.0v5 on OS X 10.9.4


We are using a handheld barcode scanner to input barcodes into our database. This has been working fine for 5 years until this year when we upgraded to 10.9.

The scanners we were using (LaserChamp by SerialIO which required the use of Serial Magic Pro software) are not supported in 10.9, so we have switched brands.


The new ones we have tried include:

Symbol LS 2208 - USB

KoamTac 200 - bluetooth


The script runs a loop to capture the barcode input, then marks that item as processed, and continues the loop, waiting for another scan. A typical batch could have 200 items to process.


The scanners are set up to append a LF character (ASCII 10), which I think is the same as the enter key, and that will Continue the Paused script.


The problem is that after some random number of scans (sometimes 4, sometimes 50), FileMaker will lock up and have to be force quit. The cursor stays in the input field (almost like the LF never got appended), and FileMaker is completely locked up. There is no pattern to which items cause the lockup - the same item that caused the lockup one time will scan without problems the next time.


If I open TextEdit, I can scan continuously without any problems.


Has anyone seen anything like this with FileMaker 12.0v5 and OS X 10.9.4?



Steve Moore

Cumberland, Maine