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FMP protocol blocked during Pause on Windows 8.1

Question asked by carlo.m on Jul 21, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2014 by user19752

I have a webviewer that runs a process and calls Filemaker when finished via the FMP protocol. This is done in a loop because it may be run on multiple sized found sets.


I pause for 8 seconds in the script that goes to the layout with the webviewer that has html code in it that auto-runs the process on load. The pause is intented as a timeout, if the FMP call doesn't come in by then, that particular process is aborted and then the script moves on to the next record.


On Mac, I don't have any issues. On Windows however, it the pause is blocking the FMP call. I confirmed this by adding an exit script step right before the pause.


I can script around this, but it will add a level of complexity that shouldn't be necesarry.


Any ideas on how I might get around this?



*Running on OS X 10.8 and Windows 8.1 both on FMP13