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    Cellular Data Usage in FileMaker Go


      Does anyone have any good ways to track how much data is being used by FMGo. I have a customer that is using FMGo and they appear to be using a large about of Data when connecting remotely to databases. Their database structure is very old. Virtually every table is it's own file so when accessing a database they are in essence opening 15+ files on the server. Not sure if this might be causing the issue. I've not had any other customers ever mention problems with large amounts of data usage so this is a new issue for me.

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          15+ files really does not make a difference, it is what is inside those files.  If you are just searching on text/number/date fields, it is doubtful you can run up much bandwidth.  However, if you're accessing PDF's, images, and particularly video files, your bandwidth can get sucked up big time. 


          You can always go to Settings > General > Usage to monitor your usage, but that is for the whole iPad and not just FileMaker Go.  What you want is an app that separately monitors each app's bandwidth usage.  That cannot be done by a regular app, it would need to be a service or at the OS level.  Since Apple sandboxes Apps, it is doubtful anything like this exists unless Apple decides to include it with the OS someday. 


          I would investigate their iPad usage for things like FaceTime, YouTube, pictures saved and synced to the iCloud, GPSs apps that are continually running as being much more likely to errode your data plan than FileMaker Go. 


          My suggestion would be to have them spend a month with the iPad and turn off all other apps and only use FM Go and watch the bandwidth in the Settings > General > Usage. 

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            Thanks.  I've been doing some additional research as well and discovered that you can go to Settings > Cellular > Use Cellular Data For   and there it will list all the apps that can use cellular data.  It also allows you to see how much cellular data each specific app has used.   This will allow me to check with the users to see if FileMaker is really using the amount of data they think or if it's something else.   


            I have a feeling its really something else, but this will allow me to confirm.