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Discussion created by malachydevlin on Jul 23, 2014
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I am in the process of working on an application and as I have a lot of MS SQL experience I decided to start the project based on that backend.


I was always taught, dont use something as a RDMS when its not one so I beleive that filemakers strengths are in the front end and i beleive in letting SQL server do what it does best.

Now as I say its a hell of a lot simpler to just use filemaker to store the data however what i struggle with is opening a layout in filemaker (with filemaker data) that has 250k records and doing a find behind the scenes to show only the current records I want.


I can just create a view in SQL and only show these much simpler but my question is.


Is it any slower open a filemaker table on a layout and finding 100 records out of 250k records than it would be to just open a SQL view containing the 100 records?

In reality does it make a difference?


I know 1 thing for sure, the user dont give a hoot! they want to see their records and dont care how that was achieved as long as there is no real delay.

Im trying to think common sense and avoid slipping into the developer trap of doing whats cool or what everyone thinks the thing to do is.. especially after 20yrs I have learned that the user is not interested in the technology!..