Upgrading a solution

Discussion created by Nehme on Jul 23, 2014
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I have a problem importing records from an old solution, to a new version of the same solution.


I hope I will be able to explain the problem:

I want the user to be able to upgrade the solution on his own (I am doing this by myself till now!)

I did a script that selects the old version file and then import records to the new version file.


For the import script step, I redirect the import to the old file (working fine without any problem), but I can't redirect the import to select the appropriate table in the old file (a random table is selected from the old file).

This is happening despite

1- going to appropriate layout in the new version

2- having same tables names between the old and the new versions

3- appropriately choosing the table for the new version file (without any problem)


So the problem is to select the appropriate table from the old file, from which records are to be imported.

What I am doing is that I am running between tables, selecting them manually to be able to do the "upgrade".


Any help?