Field Level Validation using Evaluate: Value List Member

Discussion created by dvalley on Jul 23, 2014
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First, a bit of background: We have a local database that allows users to create multiple forms and submit them to a hosted forms repository. Each form record uses the same fields. Layouts determine how each form record is viewed. Thus, the same field is used to display different types of data depending on the layout it is viewed from. All fields are text. We have developed validation for each field based on Form Name. There is a table that contains the validation formula for each field for each form. Using the Evaluate function, we can validate most of the FileMaker field validations (must be Number, Date, Time, calculation, etc.) Where it fails is Must be member of value list.


We have had limited success using this formula: [ PatternCount( ValueListItems("<file>"; "-- Local Sample Point"); <field> ) >0 ] where <field> = the field we are vaildating and <file> = the file name for the value list. Where this fails is when the <field> contains part of a value list member such a "Hot" when the VL is "Hot Rod". Is there a way to specify that is must match exactly the VL member? I tried Exact, but that matches the entire value list, not a single member. Alternatively, we could manually specify each VL member, but some of these lists are field contents or have up to 100 members.


Thank you for any help on this matter.


D Valley