FM 13, Go to portal row not scrolling and don't respect Field entry settings ?

Discussion created by Vincent_L on Jul 24, 2014
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I've a button on a portal row.

Whichever where teh user is in teh portal, say for instance in the middle, clicking that button, would select the first poratl row AND scroll to it.

This doesn't work in 13, is that normal ?


I can make it work, IF, I do NOT check the Select entire content. Then it works like I want it to.

BUT there's a terrible bug then : It goes in edit mode for the rightmost dispalyed filed in the portal row, completlty ignoring the unchecked Field entry setting in browse mode. Exposing, that field to editing while it's not supposed to !


Here's some video


First with Select Entire Content checked : No scroll up


First with Select Entire Content NOT checked : Scroll up, but dangerous Edit mode


I managed to get the behaviour I wanted, by adding a commit script step, but that shouldn't be necessary at all (and also that edit, locks the record, so that's not good)


Seems like a bad bug to me !


P.S : Tried "Reset scroll bar when exiting record" portal setting on and off, no change