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    Planning Tips


      I am very much looking forward to attending my first DevCon in just a few days, and while I will definitely be attending the orientation session, I am looking for some recommendations, tips, and tricks for planning a successful week.


      I am currently planning a preliminary schedule for the week with a goal of having a primary and alternate session for each block. Unfortunately, there are several blocks where I have found multiple sessions that would be beneficial to the projects I am working on. I am trying to narrow these down by looking at the speaker presentations, but there are several blocks where I am still stuck. Knowing if one of these sessions will not be recorded definately would definately be helpful in narrowing this down. How do you determine if a session will or will not be recorded? Is this information posted in advance somewhere? I have looked at the schedule on the DevCon website and in DevCon2Go, but I am not seeing anything.


      Speaking of sessions, what are your must see sessions and/or speakers? What sessions would you definately recommend to a first-timer? (I will be attending the pre-conference sessions.) I would consider myself an intermediate FileMaker developer, and I was/am certified in FileMaker 7.


      One of the big things I am looking forward to is the opportunity to network with the FileMaker community. Does anyone have recommendations on how I should best go about doing that? (I am very much a introvert who gets awkward and nervous in social situations, but I find that I have an amazing time when I do come out of my shell.)


      Anything else that I am missing?


      Again, I am looking forward to a very fun and benefical week, and I am excited to meet everyone.

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          Hi Adam:  Looking forward to meeting you at the orientation.   I can answer your question about the recordings. We plan to record all sessions except for the Special Interest and Vendor sessions. 


          Others can chime in here and add...  During lunch, we'll have the lunch tables with various "Birds of a Feather" topics around FileMaker technology. This is a great conversation starter to meet others that have the same interests as you. 


          You'll find FileMaker developers extremely friendly, the evening networking events are the Welcome Reception, DevCon Developer Cup, and Attendee Party - the majority of attendees come alone, so most are very willing to eager to start a conversation. You all have at least one thing in common - FileMaker. And don't hesitate to talk with FileMaker staff with the black logo'd shirts, that's what we're there for, to learn and listen.

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            Adam - It will be my first DevCon as well. Thanks for starting this thread. One thing I can tell you (because I had asked the question already) is that the info for which sessions will or will not be videoed is not online or on the FMGo app. It will be posted there. So there may be a few "shoot from the hip" decisions on sessions… but, when in Rome, right?


            OK, Delfina chimed in with an official answer, so I edited my post.

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              Must see sessions:



              9am "the year in review" (since it's all demos, it's great to see techniques)

              2pm - essential data modelling (if you're a developer looking to improve)

              3:45pm - modular design (if you haven't seen or heard of it before)

              8pm - developers cup (real world applications for real world problems)



              10:45am - custom styles and themes (if you're not already an expert at using themes in FM13)

              3:45pm - shaking the dependency tree or "Yes we can", the former if you want to be a better developer, the latter if you want to get better at troubleshooting.



              10:45am - deep dive scripting (wim is a wizard in FM and his sessions are always good. Too bad I'll be presenting at the same time!)

              2pm - 60 power tips (a good refresher on some good techniques)

              3:45pm - location in depth (very cool stuff Jbante's been doing)


              FM has been recording more sessions every year. DON'T be afraid to go to a session that isn't being recorded in favor of one that is being recorded.


              DON'T try to absorb everything, else you will fail to learn anything. Make quick notes and try to pick up one useful technique per day (I've stuck with this and it's paid off well over 4 years).


              And DO come out of your shell, sit down at tables during the breaks and talk to people. Socialize all over the place. It's the only time you'll be around this many FM peers at once. Don't be afraid to ask questions at the FM desk or Visionary bar.


              And most importantly, have fun!

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                If you pick one useful tip the entire week (sessions, lunch topics, visionary bar, vendor booths, after hours chatting with others) consider it so well worth it. I'm with Mike in that you may be overwhelmed, but trust me, it will come back to you as you work on your solution. And you will pick up more than one helpful piece of information, but if it's only one, it will be a gem.


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                  Smart man. This is my second year, but I will be attending the orientation once again hoping to pick up on some tips I missed out last year. I was fortunate enough to make a couple good buddies the night I got into town (Sunday). From that point on, if 2 or 3 of us were conflicted on 1+ concurrent sessions, we would "divide and conquor" so to speak, and exchange notes afterwards.