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Creating a Conditional Count

Question asked by benchwrm11 on Jul 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2014 by mr_scott

I have a database which contains animal movement data. I would like to create a field which calculates the number of moves each animal makes. The database has an Individual table (450 records), where this calculation would be, and is related to a Recapture table (2500 records) by individual ID. The Recapture table has a record for each time an animal is captured and the distance moved from the last capture. I would like to calculate a field in the Individual Table which has the number of times an animal moved (Recaptures::Distance Moved > 0). I've been trying to find a way of doing a conditional count (for example: Count(Recaptures::Distance_Moved>0), but that doesn't appear to be fair game. This seems like a fairly simple question, but I've been unable to find a straight forward solution. Any help would be much appreciated.