Delete Found Set taking too long

Discussion created by FileKraft on Jul 24, 2014
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Hello there,


the situation: a table of 6000 records with container fields for pdfs all stored in the table

file is hosted by FMServer13v3 on Windows Server 2012


client connected is FMP13v3 on MacOS 10.8.5


client has a found set of 2 records out of the 6000 and a delete found set has been applied.

the last records has a container field content storing a pdf of size 20 MB.


previous deletions of found sets using same described procedure succeeded (container field content size was not that high though).


the progress bar of the deletion shows "Records remaining to delete: " and all is blue

- so it seams to be stuck on the last record's deletion.


I am waiting now on a pretty fast WAN connection for the last deletion to complete.

I am still connected to the server as the admin console displays but the statistics show that nothing is happening anymore.


this is all happening now while i am writing this note and i am not sure if i should disconnect the client from the server via the admin console

or just wait another hour?


any ideas?

(next time i will run a server side executed deletion on the record)


thank you.