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    Default Graphic on iPad


      Client is using the iPad to capture signatures which go into a User database for signing documents. The default file type is PNG. When exporting PDF reports on windows machines the signature only works when in JPG format. Any way to change the iPad default. Right now I export the sigs manually, batch change them PhotoshopCS5 and reimport.


      Any suggestions?



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          Stephen Huston

          What version of FM Go, and which OS version of Windows with which v of FM Pro?

          (Reports of graphics issues like this date back to fairly early in the fp7 file format, but I haven't been aware of this since the fmp12 file format.)

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            They all just transitioned to FMGo13 and FM13

            Windows 7 is the standard at the Institution

            PDFs are generayed from Daily Progress reports

            I'm getting an example Monday and will have them detail the process


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              Try creating a calc returning text that encodes the container, using the new Base64 functions in Filemaker 13. So "My_Encoded":


              Base64Encode ( My_Container )



              Then set a separate container field to that string, decoded as a jpg:


              SetField[New_Container; Base64Decode ( Your_Table::My_Encoded; ".jpg" )


              ...and export that.



              You could also set the original container to itself using the same argument; you'd just lose the original .png, which might be OK.


              I've tested on both Mac and Windows.