Web Direct external authentication between multiple files

Discussion created by grath on Jul 24, 2014
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Ok, I think I know the answer to this, but I hope someone has a workaround. I have a webdirect solution that connects to several different external files and the login credentials are generic (same for everyone). The web direct solution is a note entry system and when you enter a note it grabs the username so I can tell who entered the note. While this works within the company, because it grabs the system name of the computer, it's not the same for webdirect. Webdirect grabs the credentials you used to open the file and since I have generic credentials I can't tell who entered the note. From what I can tell I believe I will have to make an account for every web user in every file (which is several). While its not hard, its just a bunch of tedious work I would like to avoid. I know my security is lacking but this is how the system was handed to me when I started. Any suggestions ?