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    Send Mail Problem - 2 or more recipients - FM13


      Hello All,


      I cannot send email to multiple recipients from FileMaker 13 using Apple Mail 7.3 (Mac OS X 10.9.4). This method has worked since 2008, but has broken since the upgrade to Mavericks. I have tested the script under FM 13 and Apple Mail 6.6, and it still works. I am using AppleScript to send the email, but I get the same results if I send using FMP's Send Email script step.


      I use a plain text field to store email address(es). The field is pre-populated with one email address using a Set Field command. Users may click a button to add addresses, or type them in by hand. From the script, addresses are appended with a comma-space between addresses (e.g., billthecat@domain.com, fred@domain.com).


      Mail.app treats the text from the field as one large address, regardless of the comma. If only one address is in the field, the email goes out without a problem. The specific error is:


      "billthecat@domain.com, fred@domain.com" does not appear to be a valid email address. Verify the address and try again.


      This error occurs whether I use AppleScript or Send Email methods.


      I have tried using a semi-colon as delimiter. I have also tried coercing the text field into an AppleScript list.


      In Mail.app, if I delete the space between the addresses and add it back, the addresses are recognized as separate addresses!


      How can I get Mail.app to recognize the text string for what it is?


      I recognize this may be a Mail.app problem, but I am hopeful I have just missed something obvious in FMP.


      Glad to provide script steps if needed.