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    Removing client license key


      So we have one key for all our FMP installs. What do you do when you have an employee that has been using FMP on a laptop and is no longer with the company but continues to use the software/key for thier personal use. Do I need to contact FM licensing and get a new one? Can they really cancel the old one?


      I am sure someone here has come across this situation in the past at some point.

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          Stephen Huston

          I do not believe that FM software, once installed with a valid key, can be disabled remotely, though FMI may have some options in that regard.


          If you know for a fact that a former employee is using an installation in violation of their employment agreement, you could send them a legal warning about their "software piracy" -- maybe with a cc to FileMaker Inc's piracy desk:




          FileMaker, Inc.

          5201 Patrick Henry Drive

          Santa Clara, CA 95054


          Phone: 408-987-7000



          Disclaimer: I am not an attorney. You should consider having your legal counsel review any planned action regarding software piracy.

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            I know that taking legal steps will eventually solve this, but as always the cost of the legal action will likely exceed the cost of an additional license to replace the stolen one even over a few years time. We may be able to get the sofware removed from the computer, but if they have a backup and restore it, it is the same situation. Switching to company issued computers seems to be the real answer as having physical property returned is much easier to deal with than just the software.

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              Stephen Huston

              If you have a VLA installation code, your VLA installers work only with that specific code. It's important not to let both the installer and the code for it reach people who shouldn't be allowed to install it themselves.


              With company-owned computers, you can have the installation handled before machines are delivered, or require that existing machines be brought to IT for installation of new versions, so that employees cannot readily transfer a program to their own computer systems.


              I've always felt that the About this software panel in FMPro provides too much info when it exposes the installation code for that copy. It still requires an installer, but why FMI chooses to expose installation codes on the About screen still escapes me.

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                The issue being with it is already installed.


                I believe the info in the About section help FM provide support for users. This can be especially helpful for companies that have paid for a support rep at FM I guess.

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                  Hello there!!


                  Years ago i had some issue like that, and te best solution was the use of ALADDIN software/hardware.


                  When you use that, you can protect any program and manage access to it directly or remotely. I thing the name of the company is now SafeNet inc..


                  http://www.safenet-inc.com/...... Check it out.


                  Good luck.

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                    What is your concern here? This is an legal and moral issue between FMI and your former employee, isn't it?