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    FMS 13 keeps disconnecting


      Mac Mini running OSX 10.9.4 (OSX server unistalled)

      FMS Server 13.3.300


      Clean app ie FM server sample the FMPro 13 Clients keep loosing the connection to the server. While the connection is open we are able to view all of the records and scroll from field to field. As soon as we tried to ad arecord or modify data in record the spinning wheel appears, and anything up to 5 minutes later the dialog box saying connection lost appears.


      I have checked the permissions of the files and they are correct.


      I have checked the network and it is fine, I have replaced routers, switches etc even recabled the network to Cat 6 cables.


      I have even retored the main solution to a golden copy and reimported all of the data. The problem persists. I uploaded a starter solution and I have the same problems.


      I would appreciate any and all suggestions as I have been working on this for 8 days now and nothing has worked.





      PS Apple even replaced the new Mac MIni for another one as the memory was a suspect.

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          Hi David,


          Sounds very frustrating!


          Just want to check that you are connecting through FileMaker's Open Remote... dialog, and not via file sharing.



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            Hi John,


            I finally resolved the issue. We had two issues. The first was a faulty switch that connectd two windows computers to the main network. Neither of these two computers runs filemaker so it was thought that could not be the problem and  the switch was set to bridge mode anyway. It seems for some reason that switch was causing a "double NAT". The second issue was a faulty Airport Extreme Base station. It is just two years old. We replaced to router and the switch and everything is now working as it should.


            It seems FMS 13 is less tolerant of network interuptions than FMS 12, as in retrospect these problems had been occurring for a couple of months. We put it down to the flaky server which is why we replaced it with the Mac Mini.


            Thank you for your input and concern.



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              I had some posts on this forum and FMExperts in March and April re: FMS 13 and MacMinis.  Tried 2 of them (apple swapped them out for us). We has totally reproduceable issues with client disconnects - the deploy is 4 sites with 3 of them remote. Clients connect in the morning and periodically use the system. A 2012 iMac and a 2014 MacPro in EXACTLY the same physical space work without any disconnects.  Filemaker case filed. Apple cases filed. Have spoken with FileMaker staff at Devcon 2014.  They have "heard reports" about "packet sensitivity"




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                Even if the exact implications of these can be difficult to determine, don't forget that a different OS can change the network behaviors with its network stack settings, although FMS almost certainly uses its own values for some of these. On OSX we can see these values with the sysctl command, eg:


                $ sysctl net.inet.tcp
                net.inet.tcp.rfc1323: 1
                net.inet.tcp.rfc1644: 0
                net.inet.tcp.mssdflt: 512
                net.inet.tcp.keepidle: 7200000
                net.inet.tcp.keepintvl: 75000



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                  Hi Stephen,


                  I have been unable to do any more on this for a while. I will be able to get back to it next week. At the moment it seems that the local connections are fine but remote connections do not stay connected.


                  Will keep you posted on my results.