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FM 13 adv ... dynamic value list...

Question asked by synergy46 on Jul 26, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2014 by synergy46

This is a pretty simple 2 table, 1 relationship problem.



and there are only 2 layouts: Transactions and Accounts:


Here is the transaction layout:



and here is the Accounts layout:



Each account is either a Expense or a Revenue account. On the Transactions layout,

the user enters (in the yellow field above): Check (Expense), Deposit (Revenue), Bank Fee (Expense) or

Dr Card (Expense).


Since each Account Description is either an Expense or Revenue account, I need a way to

limit the Account Description dropdown to either Expense or Revenue accounts as dictated by

the users entry as: Check, Deposit, Bank Fee or Dr Card ... (Expense, Revenue, Expense, or Expense)


I "get" dynamic value lists but can't seem to grasp how this might come together.


Thanks for reading...