Noob ExecuteSQL question using Get(AccountName)

Discussion created by DDoughtie on Jul 28, 2014
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I'm just learning SQL and using the ExecutiveSQL function. The problem I'm running into is I need to get info from an "Accounts" table that contains some of the user's info so the variable can be passed to other scripts. There is an "accountName" field that contains the users account name. The problem I'm running into is the Get(AccountName) doesn't return the literal account name (setup under security etc) but the account name the user entered. FMP's account names are case insensitive. You can log in using all caps or all upper case or a mix. The function returns what the user entered at login, not what the account's name might be.


So, when I use get(accountName) and I pass it into a the WHERE account_name ="get(accountName) I get nothing unless the user logs in using the exact user name in the table...... which never happens.


So, how to I pass the WHERE accountname='get(accountName)' where the query is not case sensitive?


(I was using the single quotes around the get(accountName) but that only works if the name is exact match. When I use no single quotes I get nothing but the question mark.


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(what I'm actually passing is WHERE accountname=' "&get(accountName)&" ' " I've added some spaces to show clarity)