Find not finding.

Discussion created by bigtom on Jul 28, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2014 by Oliver_Reid

I know everyone is at devcon. However I have a mysterious issue where Find is not finding records. I have a field that is a checkbox. When selecting the checkbox in find mode and performing the search it usually returns all the records that have the box checked.


Today it missed one. It was easy to find as it was the last in the list and I knew it should be there. Maybe this has happened before and no one noticed. I cannot seem to figure out why. The same result was seen on a number of clients. This makes me think there is an issue with the Server or the file. Is there any way to track this down to figure out why? I thought Find mode was a solid feature of Filemaker.


I tried committing the record and then unchecking the box, commit the recored, recheck the box, commit the record, then find. Still same problem. I am going to restart the server to see if that helps.


I also had an issue recently where a record was erased for no reason according to the user. It was on screen and then it was gone and moved to the next record. I tend to believe this as all record deletes have confirmation dialogues and they would admit if they deleted a record.