The New Deskspace App: a free public example of a fast FileMaker App

Discussion created by NickLightbody on Jul 28, 2014
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A few months ago I made our Deskspace "Very Useful App" publically available through this list and others as an example of a reasonably well performing App designed for use on mobile and static devices - we had a good number of the FileMaker Community try it out and were delighted to receive some valuable suggestions.


We then went back to ground zero and designed a completely new App using some left field thinking and started to build this new App on April 28th - from scratch.


It is now available for free use as detailed below - here are its key characteristics:


(1) In my view in the not distant future just about everyone will expect to be able to access all their data on mobile devices - hence not designing specifically for mobile seemed a waste of time;


(2) I love the Apple Notes App - but I wanted to be able to store files and share records - this was the inspiration for this design - it is for knowledge workers - not for inventory / sales folk;


(3) the main criteria was that it must be fast enough to run on an iPphine with only a 3G network connection;


(4) we decided that speed and simplicity were far more important than the 80% of features that most users don't ever use - so it is unashamedly simple;


(5) it is multi-tenanted - so many people can use a single file - but never see each others' records unless they choose to share them.


(6) multi-tenancy makes it viable to offer it as a free app with paid for upgrades


(7) new users need no login - security is automatic - so there are no barriers to first use


(8) there are data modules for Client, Case or Project, Documents, Time Notes and Tasks: the document module will store a file and extract the text;


(9) there is only one text field open to user input in each module - use of the fieldguides show where to place data for it to be used for specific purposes by the App


Please feel free to use it - add records and see what you think. If you have something better why not share it so we can all learn about making our Apps really fast over WAN?


Do comment - and those who do provide us with useful responses on this list will on their request be given a higher access level so they can see some of the developer tool set built into the New Deskspace app such as the language editor - oh yes - this App is of course multi-lingual.


Finally thank you to all those who take up this challenge and try this on their iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC.


Cheers, Nick





from a web browser on a Mac or PC:


from Filemaker Pro running on a Mac or PC:




from an iOS device using the Free FileMaker Go 13 App - available from the Apple App Store


from the Home page create a host at - which you can name Trafalgar


select the file named dApp_0070