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    Devcon Tues July 29, 2014


      It was nice to finish up the first full regular day of Devcon.  Those in the Gold package spent yesterday doing the FTS training classes to help get ready for FM 13 certifications.  Since I'm not a Gold package, I missed those.  But it was fun arriving late in the afternoon and meeting a lot of other people there and getting registered.  It is fun seeing a lot of people from years before as well as from Technet.  Always good putting a name with a face. 


      I know I forgot a lot, but now, shouts out to Richard & Jay, John (tall guy from last year, I forget your last name), John from Japan, Matt from Oregon, Josh & his friend (Indata guys), FileMaker guys (David Head, Julie Sigfrinius, Jeff ???, Darrin Quick), Dennis Burnham, Charlie & Levi from Pennwell, Heather McCue, Mike Beargie (hope I spelled it right), Robert Gold, Jake from CNS, Brad Stanford (Mr. Non-conformist), Salman Sheikh, Gary Amstutz (Oklahoma), Mike Wallace and Richard Carlton, and many others that I just have forgotten. 


      Last night was the Welcome Session and was under non-disclosure.... so we can't talk about it, but I can say if the majority of things they showed come out in FM 14... it will make my development processes a lot better!  Boy I wish we could talk openly about it.... oh well.  But for of you who were there, you know what I mean!  Probably the one thing we can confirm since it is public anyway is that FileMaker continues on something like 60+ consecutive quarters of profitability. 


      Today (Tues) was the first day of regular sessions.  My favorite was John Sindaler's (sp?) year in review.  Gosh he just gets his feet into so many things from all the calendaring things to process optimization with the server to experimenting with javascript for performance optimization.  Wow!  Good job.  My next session was Rosemary Tietge's Security session and it pretty much covered the same things as last year since we're on the same version, but it did go over the man vulnerabilities out there and reminded us why we need to follow the FileMaker security guidelines to keep safe and secure and looked at things like vulnerabilities on the web and then the new FM 13 feature of encryption at rest of server data. 


      I went to the intro to Solutions Bundle Agreement programs with Julie Sigfrinius presenting.  I'm an SBA guy already, but a lot changed in this last year with FileMaker policies, so I went to make sure there wasn't anything new I needed to know about.  It went well and it was fun chatting with David Head about security afterwards.  He's FM's technical guy for security and always fun to see this really tall guy talking with his thick Aussie accent. 


      This afternoon I went to the Feedzon vendor session on web services.  It was interesting and basically showed how they are making a number of web services easier for FileMaker developers, but along with a service fee.  I rather enjoyed the session, but would probably try to get the APIs to work on my own before paying a service.  But if you can't seem to get something to work and Feedzon already has it done, it may make things simpler for you if you don't mind a small monthly fee (mostly about $20+ a month, so not too bad).  Unfortunately, I had to miss about half of his presentation since my hotel room was messed up and had to get it straightened out.  Oh well.


      The last sessions I attended was the Design Panel.  I think it mostly stated the obvious and didn't get anything new out of it.  The challenge with design is that good designers are naturally gifted artistically and that is not my gift in life.  Matt O'Dell lead the panel and did a good job keeping the discussion lively including the tweets from the audience. 


      Well, tonight is the Developer Cup to have competition on solving a problem with a solution quickly.  It will be interesting to see what all is done and who does it quickly and who wins the Developer's Cup.  Winner gets their name on a trophie to be stored at the Wedge and they get to keep a wrestling type fake gold buckle - haha.  I look forward to it. 


      For now, I think it is time to go out to the lazy river and relax. 


      If you're at Devcon, text me at 214-522-5525 and we'll catch up!



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          Thanks for the update Taylor.  Missing it in my own hometown is frustrating,

          the synopsis is appreciated.



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            Earlier tonight (Tues.... well now its is Wed. morning techincally haha), the First Developer Bowl competition was held.  This is a competition of 5 challenges given to about 20 contestents to see who can complete the solution the fastest and it work as described.  Most of the challenges could be accomplished by most developers, but when you add a very tight time frame (15 minutes) and have hundreds of developers looking over your shoulder, it is quite the pressure cooker.  In fact, about 2/3's of the participants did not complete any of the challenges. 


            In the end, no one completed the last challenge #5, but the two with the highest scores based on how many they completed with more points the faster they complete them, were Christopher Schmitz (Skelleton Key) and Chris Cain (Extensitech).  Christopher was faster, so he was awarded the champion!  Here is a pic of some of the participants:


            FileMaker Developer Bowl.jpg


            Christopher is  in the middle in a red shirt holding the trophy!  Christopher Cain is on the far right.  Darren Burgess is the 4th guy from the left (red shirt).  Shingo Fukasawa is on the left bottom.  Maybe someone can help me with the other names. 


            Partial list of Participants:  Chris Cain, Christopher Schmitz, Nancy Adelman, Kevin Ayers, Darren Burgess, Tom Fitch, Chuck Malton, Eden Morris, Tim Neudecker, Deborah Norton, Bob Patin, Tim Romano, Johan Smaros, Layton Snover, Jan Stieeraere.


            As far as I am concerned, all of you who were brave enough to do this competition in front of a couple hundred developers are quite amazing.  Thanks for participating!

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              Eden Morris is in the tan shirt right behind Christopher (guy with the trophy).

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                Oh, Yes, I should have seen that.  He was in the finals andI think he is with Carbondale Computer Repair and is the guy who made one of those SQL Builders.  He did pretty well in this competition!

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                  Glad to hear he did well.  Thanks for posting these pictures.  Great to see familiar faces.  So bummed I didn't go to DevCon this year.  :-(