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    PocketKPI Unlock


      Does anyone kow how to unlock this app?  Thanks.


      It was used during the 3:45 session today called "Using FileMaker as a powerful BI Tool".

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          There might not be permission to unlock it, not sure how he ran the demo in his session. I would contact Luke Rochester to find out.



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            Thank you Luke Rochester for such a great session. I would say that it was my favorite DevCon session ever!!! I was able to download and use mine. You should have received an email with the "walkthrough" instructions.


            I hope Luke won't mind me sharing this:


            PSS: Here's a walkthrough you might like to try:

            1. Open PocketKPI.fmp12

            2. Type “Sam” into the User field

            3. Click Login (Account Name = “Sam”, Password = “sam”)




            26. Change the user to “Jim” and notice there is 1 (or more) unread message waiting

            27. Login (Account Name = “jim”, Password = “jim”)

            28. Click the “!” button with the red number on it

            29. You will see your new message

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              Thanks man.  Working fine.


              Bob Wisniowicz


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                This is why I think the FileMaker community is SOOOOO awesome !!

                Thanks rob_w for asking the question and letting us know you got it working ... can you please change the original question from "not answered" to "answered".

                Thanks Mike Beargie for offering such respectful advice.

                Thanks breezer for being so kind and for answering the question perfectly.

                You guys all rule in my books.

                Please do feel free to contact me directly if I can help in any way and feel free to let anyone else know that I am VERY happy to help out and answer any question people may have about the session or the free demo download.

                Thanks again,


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                  Hey Luke, welcome to the forum...you did a great, well planned, and very informative presentation, thank you!!!!