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Webdirect Error

Question asked by devonell on Jul 29, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2015 by disabled_kylerjphillips

Can anyone advise why when attempting to access Webdirect on LAN or WAN, I receive the error: "Custom Web Publishing Technology Disabled ; WebDirect is turned off. I double check. WebDirect is turned on. I try to uncheck and then check the checkbox to turn WebDirect on or off and then after clicking "Save" to save changes, receive a Filemaker Admin Server Console dialog box that states: "You have unsaved changes. The Web Publishing Engine must be restarted to apply the changes. Do you want to save and restart or revert the changes and exit. I click the button "Save and Restart" I try to access via WebDirect and receive the same error WebDirect is turned off. How do I fix this. I'm able to access the files via FMAdvanced and FMGO but not WebDirect, regardless of browser I utilize. thanks for you help.