Pulling XML data from external source

Discussion created by ahcho on Jul 30, 2014
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I've been bouncing my head off the wall for the last day.


I'm trying to pull in password protected XML data directly into FileMaker Go 13. I can view the XML data on my desktop but cannot view the XML data on any iOS device.


1. When I use the Insert from URL, the Connection Fails on both desktop and Go(error 1631). Now I am assuming this happens because of the credentials? Can I place the credentials into the URL?


2. I have had a bit of success scraping the webviewer but the solution only works on the desktop and not on Go. On the iOS device, the app enters into the "processing through a script look" (whatever the spinning circle thing in the middle is). No where in Go does it prompt me to enter in my credentials to use the XML data.


I don't have an XLST sheet for the data but even trying to import the XML data via Import Records->XML data source, I get the connection error.


What can I do?