QB2014 Mac invoice IIF working?

Discussion created by pjreagan on Jul 30, 2014

I have a solution that has for many years been used to import invoices from FileMaker to QuickBooks on the Mac. Some of our clients insist upon this rather than running a Windows virtual machine. According to Intuit's web site IIF imports are still a supported activity. One user converted to QB 2014 Mac and reported issues. We could repeat them. Intuit strung us along for 30 days before admitting that they won’t fix the problem because they’re working on their 2015 release.

My question: has anyone on this list been using IIF for QB Mac imports? If so, is that coding still working on QB 2014 Mac? Knowing that QB 2014 Mac IIF imports still work for someone else means that there’s a workaround to my problem.


Thanks in advance!