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    DB on a building map


      I have a Building map (Figure 1) that is a map of tool locations. What I’m trying to accomplish is tool location popovers that can be used for Tool information and service records. I'm trying to use multiple popovers on a single record in the DB. I’m trying to keep it on one layout, and one map. But I’m struggling with the concept. I’m not sure it can be done. I’m trying to use a popover (Figure 2) for each tool and in each popover I’m using a portals to a :tools table and a separate :service table. Trying to use the tool ID number as the relationship from table to table.



      Figure 1


      Fig. 2



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          First off, GO DUCKS!!!  (I'm a UO graduate and still in the Eugene area).


          As for what you're trying to accomplish, it should be possible within FM (I know it's possible using cwp and other web technologies).  I'd need to see the relationships and the underlying details of the layout.


          Not sure if you want to post more info for us on here or, if you'd like, we could schedule time to meet face to face to tackle this (if you're in Eugene still).  Are you a student doing a project for a class?




          Ethan Shoshin

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            Are you wanting to "highlight" an area of the map corresponding to the tool location?

            An "overlay" of each of the locations could be calculated (probably with conditional formatting) to change from clear to another color when there is a location match.


            If this is not what you want, never mind.

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            Beverly Voth


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              I read it more as a popover button on each tool on the map that, when clicked, the popover fires and shows related service records for that tool.


              I've done something similar to this with popovers on a home screen.  I used different portal filters for each popover so only specific data was shown in each one.



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                HI Ethan,


                Thanks for the reply. Yea what you're describing is what I'm after. But not sure how to accomplish most of it. The person requesting the DB is changing the parameters of what he's looking for so I may not be doing this on a map, as much as a traditional inventory DB.


                But thanks for the time. If you have an example of the Home SCreen DB that you can / are willing to share I'd love to see it.


                smithj@uoregon.edu is my address.


                Thanks again,



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                  Hi Jeremy,


                  It's not that hard to have the map setup the way you want.  I'll write up some info on how I did it and send it via email.