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    Devcon 2014 Award Recipients


      Congratulations to all the Award Recipients at the 2014 Devcon!


      Devcon 2014 Awards.jpg

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          FYI, Mike Beargie, who is so active here on Technet, won the FileMaker Community Excellence award (or something like that -- I forget the exact name).  It was an award given at the close session on Thursday night and acknowledged all he does here on Technet, his local FM Users Group and the community. 


          Congratulations, Mike!  It was fun seeing you be so acknowledged.  And I sure enjoyed getting to hang out with you at Devcon!


          PS:  Here is a picture of a few of us that went to Fiesta Texas (6 Flags) on Friday after the conference.  It was a fun way to wrap up the work week goofing off... and the Texas Rattler sure was a ride.  Ask Chris if his finger prints are still on that saddle horn grip!



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            It was great. I am overwhelmed by the reception from the community and will continue to try and foster the great group of developers we have.


            Thanks for hanging out at six flags (including the three others that missed being in this photo), and thanks for a great week at Devcon!

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              Yes, the others were Todd Weller and Laura Betz from Cross IT Services; and the third was Ronnie Rios, the FileMaker SE from up NE.  Ronnie and Laura were bold enough to do that big sling shot ride at Fiesta Texas!  Pretty brave!!!



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                As the frequent beneficiary of your support, I would just like to echo these congratulations.  Well done!



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                  Apparently this year's Devcon excellent awards were only to USA companies.  I know there is a FileMaker conference in June of each year in Europe and another one in Japan and probably others I am unaware of.  I wonder if FileMaker does excellence awards at those venues and that is why they are not here.  Then again, a lot of FileMaker developers from Rest of the World participated in this Devcon.  I didn't go to all of the vendor booths, but several of them that I visited and was impressed with from outside the USA were Monkey Bread Software, 24U, MyFMButler and fmSMS. 

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                    There were non-US winners. Polygon Pictures is based in Japan.  We had FBA Business Partners of the year from EMEIA, North Asia, and Asia/Pac.  See who won...  http://www.filemaker.com/fba/devcon-awards-2014.html

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                      Hey Taylor,


                      Crystal here!


                      Thanks for posting the pic of us. It sure was a good time!


                      Big congrats to Mike Beargie for winning the FileMaker Excellence Community award! What an awesome accomplishment!!!!


                      For the record, we are still picking on Chris about his death grip and cries for help from the Iron Rattler! Great time indeed!!!!

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                        Great, Crystal.  While the tech and learning parts of Devcon are great, it is just fun meeting other developers like you and Chris, making friends and having a good time.  And it sure was fun at the Developer's bowl watching Chris and others compete.  What a pressure cooker that was!  haha.  I sure hope both of you will be in Las Vegas next year!  Now we need to figure out how to make Chris nervous in Las Vegas?  <grin>