Real World Back up Solutions/Advice

Discussion created by laser on Jul 31, 2014
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Hi -


We have recently developed a nice FIlemaker soluion for our research group. Now that we are ready to deploy it, I realized I did not have a thoughtful backup solution.


We are running FileMaker Pro 12 on a Mac and have stored the database file(s) in labeled folders.


People will periodically be entering data throughout the day and some times there can be days between entries.


We have access to off-site "cloud" storage which I beleive I will back up to on a daily basis.


But I am curious about more frequent backups throughout the day.


Is Time Machine (Mac back up) a good solution for making incremental backups throughout the day? Or is there something else we should consider?


Indeed, the data is precious so I am also wondering about the possibility of accidentally backing up corrupted data. How is this avoided?


How often and how many of the backups need to be looked at to ensure that they useable and accurate?


Ideally, our data would be accesible and useable for 20 years.


I am hoping for for any real world, simple and robust solutions/advice you may have.


Thank you very much in advance.