Kudos to FileMaker Inc for a great DevCon

Discussion created by jbrown Expert on Aug 1, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2014 by RickKalman

I'm sitting in my hotel room ready to head to the airport and am silently recapping the events of this week. It has been a great time getting together with other FM geeks and talking code and seeing great work out there.

Kudos to Delphina and Matt and the others for their work in putting this together. I walk away every year (this is my 3rd) greatly inspired. The awesome FileMaker work being produced by both FM Inc and by developers spurs me on to work harder and go deeper in the platform.

Other awesomeness:

I got to meet a few new people and got to see people from here.

I'm happy that quite a few first-time speakers got to present this year.


It was a great time.

(Oh and the pool was great! Lazy river - yes!!!)