use insert from url to get html code  garbled (issue about gbk )

Discussion created by adrico on Aug 2, 2014
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hi guy~

i got a problem about get html code~

insert from url is a good tools for me to get html code~as you know it is a good way to get html~but i found a error~ when i try to get the html code(if it is encode by gbk)the code is garbled, and if html is encode by utf-8,it will works ok~ and now i only can get the correct by webviewer use get(layoutattrubute),but you know this way is really slow。 anybody know how to deal with this problem~ i have sent email to filemakr support~ but have not get any reply~, hope can get help form devform~ i will be appreciate.

for example:insert form url then you will get the htmlcode garbled. i only knew the problem is html code encode by gbk~ but i have no idea about sloving this problem.