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    Admin-Console is not open after upgrade to fms


      I installed fms 13 on Windows Server 2012r2.


      At this point, everything works fine. I mean I do not have any problem with this server.


      Today, I upgrade to 13.0.3. then I got a problem opening admin-console.


      The internet browers( explorer, chrome) display "This page can't be displayed"


      I run Windows Network Diagnostics.

      Two things are detected.


      It show the remote device or resource won't accept the connection.

      The Diagnostics Polycy Service is not running.


      The firewall is off now.


      Is there anyway to solve this problem?




      Ho Chang

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          Are you able to use FMSADMIN in the command line to check and see if the filemaker services are running or responding?


          You can try a few commands, such as FMSADMIN START SERVER

          Type FMSADMIN HELP COMMANDS to get a list of all commands you can use, or read the FMS13 server guide for a more detailed explanation.


          You can check services under admin tools > services. If you have server set to NOT auto-start with the operating system, you might need to manually start these after a reboot.


          The admin server works on the same engine as the web publishing engine, so I assume that WebDirect and CWP are also not working currently.