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Reports Intermittently Displaying Data Incorrectly in Browse Mode

Question asked by user12413 on Aug 1, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2014 by user12413

I am hoping someone can help me pinpoint this problem.


I have several reports that group data by project manager. On occasion, when in Browse mode, parts of these reports will only show the header repeatedly in place of the detail lines (Figure 1); further down in the same report the data displays correctly (Figure 2). When I switch to Preview mode, the report displays all correctly. The problem is not consistent: 1) can happen in any report at any time, 2) does not happen on any report all the time, 3) does not happen for one manager specifically, and 4) may display part of any given manager's data correctly, then switch to headers only.


I do need to see these reports in Browse mode as some data is updated dynamically within the report screen.


Thank you in advance for any ideas on what is wrong or how to fix!


Figure 1

Figure 1.pngFigure 2.png