GTRR Button Not Functioning As Needed

Discussion created by bekenstein on Aug 2, 2014
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I am working on a db that will schedule individuals for appointments (table: Appointments) for people who will be seen at locations scheduled by the organization (table: Screening Events). I create a portal (table: Appointments) within each event record (table: Screening Event) through which the actual appointment time is selected and individual is assigned to that location. I am able to schedule individual and locations/events successfully. However, my step to get the individual from the initial appointment "intake form" (inidividual scheduler - Appointments) to the screening location is not working. I created a subsummary report that shows each screening location by date (table: Screening Events). I created the GTRR button (go to the specific layout needed, again, within the Screening Events table), but it only takes me to the first record.


Suggestions please.