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    Import File bug




      I have a problem inserting some photos.

      I am using Filemaker Pro advanced 13 (I had the same problem on Filemaker 12).

      My OS is Windows 7.


      I am using this script step:

      Import File [ Reference; Display Content ; never compress ; ...]


      When I am importing a photo (all photos are on the laptop):

      - Photos taken by a camera will quickly be inserted without any problem: jpg file, around 4 Mb

      - Photos taken from an iPhone (this is what I have noticed): jpg file, around 2 Mb (smaller) => inserting this photo will take around 3 minutes. After this, all the scripts will take a significant time to be excecuted (even simple scripts). Finally, Filemaker will end by crashing!


      I didn't try other types of mobile devices to see if the problem persists. But for sure we can't ask users not to use iPhone!

      I didn't try it on Mac.


      If I don't choose to "Display Content", there will be no problem with iPhone photos.

      If I don't choose "Reference", there is no problem.

      But I need to have both options in my solution.


      Am I missing something? Why is this only with iPhone photos?

      Any solutions?

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          I think your description of your script step is wrong. I suspect you mean Insert Picture? Best to be precise with your terminology if you want good assistance (not to mention if you want your script to actually work … !)


          However, why don't you try using Insert from Device instead. If you choose Camera that then gives you options as to the size you want to insert. I haven't done this myself, but it seems to me this should help, and is probably the script step FM would expect you to use for this process.

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            No, in fact, it is "Insert File" that I used.

            I insert a file, that I choose it is an image, and I choose to display the content. The file inserted is just a reference.


            I don't choose from device because the photos are on the computer not on the device.

            In addition, there is no issue with the size of the picture (because the file is a reference): the picture from the camera is bigger but is working. The picture from iPhone is smaller but the reference to be created takes lots of time and crushes Filemaker application in my solution.

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              "in fact, it is "Insert File" that I used"—as I said, best to be precise!


              Since you are using FM13, why don't you try using external storage rather than referencing only. You may find it more efficient

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                I also tried Insert Picture but it didn't work also for iPhone pictures in Windows.


                After struggling, I found out that the problem is in fact in the iPhone photo by itself.

                There is absolutely no problem when using a camera photo or any other mobile photo.


                This is due to the fact that iPhone photos has some properties that are not supported in Windows (among those are GPS characteristics for example).

                So I needed to remove those properties from those photos.

                I used the "Stripper.exe" software that easily completed this task.

                After this, there was absolutely no problem using those photos in any method.

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                  That is very interesting; a useful discovery. Thanks for the post.