Import File bug

Discussion created by Nehme on Aug 2, 2014
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I have a problem inserting some photos.

I am using Filemaker Pro advanced 13 (I had the same problem on Filemaker 12).

My OS is Windows 7.


I am using this script step:

Import File [ Reference; Display Content ; never compress ; ...]


When I am importing a photo (all photos are on the laptop):

- Photos taken by a camera will quickly be inserted without any problem: jpg file, around 4 Mb

- Photos taken from an iPhone (this is what I have noticed): jpg file, around 2 Mb (smaller) => inserting this photo will take around 3 minutes. After this, all the scripts will take a significant time to be excecuted (even simple scripts). Finally, Filemaker will end by crashing!


I didn't try other types of mobile devices to see if the problem persists. But for sure we can't ask users not to use iPhone!

I didn't try it on Mac.


If I don't choose to "Display Content", there will be no problem with iPhone photos.

If I don't choose "Reference", there is no problem.

But I need to have both options in my solution.


Am I missing something? Why is this only with iPhone photos?

Any solutions?