FM Go ----> remote file accounts and passwords?

Discussion created by DEC on Aug 3, 2014
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Hi Everybody!


Using Apple Configurator, I was able to install a web clip on the home screen of my client's IOS devices that opens the remote shared FM13 database being hosted by FMS13. It works perfectly, but rather than have the users use the little IOS keypad to frequently type in their account name and password, I'd like to be able to include their account name and password in the web clip itself, so that all they need do is tap the icon on their IOS home screen to get into the remote FM database.


I'm aware that if the IOS device falls into the wrong hands it's possible the database could be compromised; I administrate the phones using configurator, and so the security code is required on all IOS devices at our company.


The following URL states that the account name and password can be included in a script protocol that can included in the web clip, but it doesn't seem to state how this is achieved with fmp12 files.


An important note is that the script protocol used to open the database also includes instructions to activate the script within the database that transports the user to the applicable IOS layout. So the web clip script protocol needs to continue to activate that script as well as in addition supply the account name and password to open the database. The script protocol currently looks something like this:




If anyone has successfully achieved this, I'd much appreciate your help!