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Problem performing successive ODBC imports

Question asked by chr0n on Aug 3, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2014 by chr0n

Product: Filemaker 13

Environment: Windows 7


Hi all,


I encountered this problem initially via some import scripts but have since found out that the problem also applies to imports run manually.


On Filemaker Pro 13 I am trying to run a script that performs two Import Record actions (both from an ODBC data source). The script is performing the imports into the same fm database. Only the first import works. The second import runs does not process any records.


When I run the imports separately, only one at a time, either scripted or manually (File>Import Records>ODBC...) they both process records successfully. However if I run them one after the other the second import does not process any records.


Literally the only way I have managed to workaround this problem is to run the first import, completely close the FM database and then re-open to run the second import. This works, both via a standalone import script or through the File menu. This leads me to believe the problem is the way Filemaker handles ODBC imports, however I've got no idea on what to try to resolve.


Can anyone help at all please? Thanks in advance