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Google API and bundle identifiers

Question asked by tonymak on Aug 4, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2014 by tonymak

ok, so i'm setting up a solution that uses googles mapping api's


in order to use the API's you create the project, then create API Keys (Server, Browser, Android, and iOS keys)


server Keys no issue I created them and gave the IP numbers that will be allowed to use them.


now to use the API's in the field it looks like need to create an "iOS key"

the requirements to create this key is it needs to have the following:


This key can be deployed in your iOS applications.

API requests are sent directly to Google from your clients' iOS devices. Google verifies that each request originates from an iOS application that matches one of the bundle identifiers listed below.

my question is how do I obtain the bundle identifyer that will be used by fileMaker Go to access the API's


any help would be greatly appreciated.