Code example for getting lat/longs from webviewer on a Windows 8 tablet using internal gps

Discussion created by vttillinghast on Aug 6, 2014

We all know and love the newish location function on iOS. We have an application we run on Filemaker GO on iOS that uses it, and have done runtime versions for Microsoft Surface users. Problem is, the Surface's GPS isn't integrated in a useful way, so we don't get lats and longs via this function.


I THINK the only solution open to me is to use a webviewer to get my current location, and then parse the html to get my lats and longs. It would be helpful if people could confirm for me that there is a website (Google maps?) that would actually employ the Surface's gps to fix its current location, so that I might harvest the coordinates? Might anyone have example code for that sort of thing? Thanks! -tig