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How to create records using data sent from a monitoring device?

Question asked by dburnham on Aug 6, 2014
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I'm looking for a suggestion for how to implement something that will automatically create records in a server-hosted database.


I am setting up a hosted database that will be "listening" for incoming information. I think it could perhaps be transmitted using SMS or email, or maybe there is a way for a URL to "hit" the database and create a record, if not with FileMaker natively, then perhaps using CWP and a web page that acts on the incoming URL.


There will be some kind of monitoring device that periodically sends data. Think of it as a thermostat in your house that is programmed to send the current temperature every 15 minutes to the database, and thereby allow the database to use a series of records to display historical information, maybe as a graph, or to alert the homeowner to an emergency situation if the temperature rises or falls beyond certain pre-set values.


I'm not sure yet what kind of monitoring devices will be used, but I know they will be capable of Internet communication. What little I know at this point is that they have flash drives inside them and they write data to an Excel file. Sending that file as an email attachment is certainly possible, but more overhead than I think is necessary if all that is needed is one record for each interval.


Any ideas will be welcome.