Font display with Merge Fields

Discussion created by lorenamusser on Aug 7, 2014
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I am using FileMaker 13.


I have a text box on a layout that I am using merge fields in. I am running into problems with my font displaying properly in browse mode. So the box displays an address. In Browse Mode I want it to look like this: (header - 18, Merge Fields - 12)



Any Street

City, State Zip


In layout mode I have the following:




<<City>>, <<State>> <<Zip>>


It will display properly in browse mode if I leave all the merge fields the same font size, but when I adjust the font between all the outer <> in order to save space, my street line will change font to whatever my Address header is and all the other merge fields will work as they are suppose to. If I only leave the first < of each merge field as the font I want those fields to be, the Street, State & Zip will display properly, but the City will change to font size following the first <.


I am completely baffeled by this. I have had this work just fine in the past and have tried numerous methods to get it to display properly. It will work if I move the Header to it's own box and then have the outer <> of each merge field size 12. This is a fine way to do it; however, I would like any comments on why only some merge fields display properly with the header in the same box and/or with only having the first < as the font size to be displayed.