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Open filemaker Go file with Open URL and run script

Question asked by madmike6537 on Aug 7, 2014
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I am looking for help with the syntax for opening a filemaker go file (FM GO 13) and running a script.


The file is being opened from within another file on the iPad which is hosted. The file that is being opened is a local file. I am able to get the file to open, but I cant get a script to run. And when I try to set the script to run "on first window open", it seems that trigger doesnt fire when the file is being opened using "open URL" - it seems to bypass it.


Cany anyone help?


Here is what I am using today: "fmp://~/RestorePoint_Dev1_7.fmp12?script=UpdateComplete" //open new file


When I use the above, the file doesnt open at all.


When I use this - it opens, but the script doesnt fire "onfirstwindowopen"


"fmp://~/RestorePoint_Dev1_7.fmp12" //?script=UpdateComplete" //open new file