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    fix unrelated tables/relationship on FM server


      Hi All,


      I'm a newbie to this forum! I have built a booking system hosted remotely with triple8.net. I want to create an additional separate mirrored file that is a hosted public interface. It would reference the orgininal file as an external data source/fm db. The public user ideally search for their name in the new file and it would then show the classes they have been booked into referencing the host file. The name search works and brings in data on a parallel level, but the booking class tables (within a portal) show "unrelated table" - so there is a relationship issue somewhere. The unrelated tables are all in separate layouts.


      Im not sure how to import or setup the relationships/data source to connect in the unrelated tables without having to recreate all the original tables inthe new file. I can get the concept working locally with another internal project, but not in an IWP/hosted environment.


      Can anyone point me in the right direction of what i might be doing wrong? Many thanks for your assistance.


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          First off, I'd suggest ditching IWP, you are in a new project now and you are thinking about a technology that will have waning and eventually no support in a few years. Custom Web Publishing or FileMaker WebDirect are the alternatives. The former requires web coding experience, the latter requires an upgrade to FMS13 and some other development considerations as well.


          As for your relation issue without seeing your file I can't really speculate the cause. Assuming your two files work locally before you upload to Triple8, then all you should need to do is correct the file references to eachother under file > manage > external data sources.


          The data source editing window allows for multiple file patsh (one on each line), to correct it, you should use the fully qualified path to your triple8 hosted file, then a second localy path to the file, should look something like:





          If the references are correct and you can see all the data from the related file on the layouts in the second file, then you might need to provide more details about the relationship for troubleshooting, (perhaps provide a photo of your relational diagram).

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            HI Mike,


            Thanks for your reply and consideration. I will certainly look at the latter 2 web options for future developments. As you have suggested my local reference was not setup correctly. I have fixed this now and the tables are now showing the data as planned. Thanks for your help - much appreciated!