fix unrelated tables/relationship on FM server

Discussion created by fauvdesign on Aug 8, 2014
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Hi All,


I'm a newbie to this forum! I have built a booking system hosted remotely with triple8.net. I want to create an additional separate mirrored file that is a hosted public interface. It would reference the orgininal file as an external data source/fm db. The public user ideally search for their name in the new file and it would then show the classes they have been booked into referencing the host file. The name search works and brings in data on a parallel level, but the booking class tables (within a portal) show "unrelated table" - so there is a relationship issue somewhere. The unrelated tables are all in separate layouts.


Im not sure how to import or setup the relationships/data source to connect in the unrelated tables without having to recreate all the original tables inthe new file. I can get the concept working locally with another internal project, but not in an IWP/hosted environment.


Can anyone point me in the right direction of what i might be doing wrong? Many thanks for your assistance.