Mac Mini Server crashes after trying logon admin console

Discussion created by APIcoder on Aug 9, 2014

Mac Mini Server crashes after trying to logon with admin console.

Nothing has changed on Mac Mini Server, 2011, 10.8.5

(no additional memory or a software update) and no update to FileMaker Server 12 advanced V12.04.405.


The first few months I frequent (daily) connect with the admin console, with no issues.


After a few weeks, not making (any) connection with the Admin console to the Server,

I try to connect with Admin console and the Mac Mini crashes, (connecting with Admin console locally).

Then after a few weeks no connection, the same problem, again Mac Mini Server OSX 10.8.5 crash, after I trying to connect remote with Admin console.


The first time I use the Admin console locally on the Server, the second time I connect with the Admin console from a other Mac (same network).


What do I see; the admin console tries to connect, a spinning ball, after about 10 to 20 seconds the Mac Mini restart.

Possibly I tried a wrong password, but normally you will get an immediate answer: "the password is wrong"


Is this a known issue, what to do here. Where to look for.


Additional info:

Clean install 5 months ago, Mac OS X Server 10.8.5, Filermaker Server 12 Advanced V12.04.405. ,

Cron: starts a shell scrip, backups the database from the backup folder to external HD,

Cron: starts a shell script, Curl command sends (through FTP) the database to external server



Never had this problem with other Macs and FileMaker Server (9 -12)

Another newer Mac Mini Server (2012 , 10.8.5) with the same installations, FileMaker Server advanced12, OS X 10.8.5, has never had this problem.