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Instant Web Publishing in FileMaker Server 13?

Question asked by hnajmaie on Aug 8, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2014 by Ethan.Shoshin

Has Instant Web Publishing been completely dropped from FileMaker Server 13? I was not clear on this when I upgraded our server, now we're stuck with this new thing FileMaker Web Direct. The major difference between the two products is that for some reason FileMaker Web Direct does not allow for table views, something that was so simple to do in Instant Web Publishing, though this was conveniently not mentioned in the article comparing filemaker web direct and iwp... Most of our users rely on this table view so FileMaker Web Direct is not an option for us. Is there any way to have instant web publishing running on server 13 or a way to get table views in FM web direct

(prob not). If not, looks like we'll be downgrading to 12 again. Very frustrating when the new versions are less functional than the old ones :-)