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Play Sound from Container

Question asked by wsvp on Aug 8, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2016 by bhagara

In over 20 years working with FileMaker, I do not recall ever testing this. I always assumed that one could script a sound stored in a container field to play, without the user having to click on play or interact with the field.


To my surprise this does not seem to be possible. Here is what I have done to test this...

• Create container field ( "not" stored externally )

• Set field to Interactive Content

• Field is editable in Browse

• Used Insert Audio/Video to load a sound ( MP3 File )

• Created a script to GoToField with the field specified and Select/Perform enabled, and created a button to run this script

• Also created a button with just the script step directly being called.


While I can play the sound if I click on the field and then press the play button on the media controller. I have not been able to get either of the above buttons to actually "PLAY" the audio. They do seem to select the field.


I am not sure if this "ever" was possible in FileMaker, or if it was something that was removed (I know they stupidly removed the ability to record audio on the desktop on FM13.)


I do not want to use a plugin, and I am trying to avoid doing a web viewer/base64 approach. I have looked through hundreds of threads and search results, and they all seem to state that what I have done "should" work.


I have attached a simple file with the scenario included. On my MBP OS X 10.9.4 or my iPad Air with iOS 7 the buttons will NOT play the sound directly.


Any thoughts would be appreciated,