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Discussion created by kaiviti on Aug 10, 2014
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I am trying to develop a solution that displays on one layout the movements of pilots. We have several bases where pilots are accomodated and fed. I need to display a list of pilots that are in each of these locations. Tabs can be used to flick between the locations but, the layouts should be the same. I want to set up the display so that it is like a daily diary where down the left side is the name of the pilot, the ship he arrives on, the landing departure location, the date and time he arrives in the house. On the right side, the ship he is departing on, the boarding location and the date and time of boarding. On many ocassions, the departure details are not known for some time so these details will remain blank for awhile. The other complicated part is that the arrival and departure locations could be one of three locations at each area. Considering that we have multiple houses, the arrival and departure locations for each are different and again, there can be several for each house.


The raw information I have is that a pilot boards a ship at either A,B,C,D,E or F location on a certain date and time; he is scheduled to get off the ship in either U, V, W, X, Y or Z location at a certain date and time.


Assuming A, B and C are boarding / departure locations for the house in area 1

D, E and F are for the house in area 2

U, V and W are for the house in area 3, and

X, Y and Z are for the house in area 4


I have tried a couple of options:


1) I set up a layout with two portals. One is for the arrival details and the other is for the departure details. But, they are not directly linked. Therefore, sometimes (and most of the time) there are more on the arrivals side than on the departures side so, the records do not line up and this looks like a dogs breakfast. Portals does have a lot of apealto me though because I would very much like to add another portal on the side that shows additional informarion for the house location.


2) Using a list layout I can display all the arrival details in chronological order. Displaying the departure details on the same line is the problem. The work around I have is to have some additional fields for manual entry of the departure details. This detracts from the prime objective of making this as automated as possible. The less we require the user to put input in the better the solution will work.


Unfortunately, the FM12 file is too large to attach. I have attached screen shots of the two methods as described above.


Any help on this would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance,