Scraping / Extracting data from Webviewer by FileMaker Server Script

Discussion created by Diver on Aug 10, 2014
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I have a script that works great from a FileMaker Pro client but I need to have the script run on FileMaker Server. For simplicty, there are 3 items on a layout for file 'Test':


Field: URL

Webviewer -- given name 'WebViewer'

Field: WebText



The three items contain the following:


URL = http://filemaker.com -- using this as an example

WebViewer = Test::URL

WebText = GetLayoutObjectAttribute("WebViewer";"content")



If I do a search for a given record, FileMaker shows the web page for the url and the WebText field shows the html of the webviewer. I then have a scrpt that searches for text in the 'WebText' field and acts according to what it finds.


When the script is run by the server, this does not work. I have tried various FileMaker work arounds and plugins but have not found a method to make this work on the server.


Anyone have any suggestions or solutions?