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    Modifying Contextual Menu


      Hi there,


      I am self-training to FileMaker with the Training Series for 12. in Module 9, there is a paragraph about contextual menu that could be completely vague with a little effort... or my mind is frozen . The paragraph reads:


      To control the contextual menu provided when users Right-click (Windows) / Control-click (Mac OS), associate menu items with the commands that are presented in the standard FileMaker Pro contextual menus. While the script action and menu title you designate might be completely different from the original function of the command, your menu item will appear in the contextual menu wherever that command should and offer a high degree of customized functionality to your database. You cannot add, remove, or reorder menu items within this menu, you can only change the commands and actions associated with the existing items.


      Sorry but I don't get:


      • what kind of customization I can do
      • how I could do it



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          With FileMaker Pro Advanced, you can create your own custom menus. This is how you can change the commands and actions associated with the contextual menus.

          You can create menu items that can perform a script, so pretty much anything can be acheived.

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            You are creating custom menu items. Do you have FMP Advanced? You’ll need it to create custom menu items.


            Begin by opening a FileMaker database and then right or control clicking on different objects. If you click on a field the minimum you’ll see is Cut, Copy and Paste. If you click onto blank layout background you’ll see “Copy Record, New Record, Duplicate Record, Delete Record, Sort Records, etc”


            Next you can create scripts. To see what is happening, make one called “annoying dialog” which displays a custom dialog.


            Now you can go to  File->Manage->Custom Menus. Create a new menu set and choose one of the standard items, such as Cut, and edit it. Make it use your script “annoying dialog”.


            Make a layout that uses the custom menu set. When you use the Cut command on that layout you’ll see your annoying dialog.